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  • Food & Beverage Chiller

    2018-12-15 Cumond Machinery

    Food & Beverage Chiller

    Specialize in designing and manufacturing beverage chiller for food and beverage process, especially for liquid yeast cooling and product tank cooling, including brewery, winery, cidery, distillery, K... More...

  • Pharmaceutical Chiller

    2018-12-15 Cumond Machinery

    Pharmaceutical Chiller

    According to different form of final pharmaceutical products, factory use various manufacturing processes to manufacture their products, such as blenders, extrusion or hot melt extrusion equipment, mi... More...

  • Craft Brewery Chiller

    2018-12-15 Cumond Machinery

    Craft Brewery Chiller

    The making of craft brewery is an amazing biochemical process. The malted barley is crushed and fed into a mash tun, then into lauter tun where water is added at specific temperature. This mixture of... More...


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