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How to choose a suitable cooling tower?

2017-03-02 10:23:26 admin

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Cold storage function is to establish a can make easy corrosion product is low temperature storage, in order to maintain the maximum food original quality. So keep warehouse to warehouse and influence of temperature heat taken away entirely, in order to guarantee the stability of temperature. In order to guarantee this condition, needs to have the corresponding refrigeration capacity of refrigeration equipment, it should be generated and caused the size of temperature fluctuation inside and outside the warehouse, then according to the selection of refrigeration compressor and auxiliary equipment etc..

Calculation of frp cooling tower has a lot of methods. Some methods in practical applications, although higher accuracy, but the calculation is complex, generally not used. Mechanical ventilation of frp cooling tower is calculated by Peng Junhan method or graphical method is more common. In the refrigeration device, direct selection of mechanical ventilation cooling tower of glass fiber reinforced plastic, can be calculated according to the calculation chart of product samples.

The cooling load of cold storage in the four seasons of a year is not constant, its size by the outdoor temperature, cooling requirements of food processing technology, the number of cold processing products, influence factors and the operation and management mode. Therefore, in general, to calculate the maximum value of each cold cold load, then determine the warehouse equipment cooling load, according to different circumstances, the cooling load multiplied by some cold different coefficient modification.

Before you asked the factory to find the suitable model for you.You have to tell them your detailes:

1.Cooling capactity?


3.Voltage supply

4.Croos flow or counter flow

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