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What is LPG steam cleaner difference with the boil wash machine?

2017-05-12 15:41:02 admin

Cumond MachineryCumond Machinery


As you can see,steam car washer comes more popular in everywhere.Now,Let's see how does our Cumond steam washer works well.

1. NO boiler for safe use, free from explosion.

2. Instant heating.It only takes 30 seconds for preheating. while the boiler types need about 7 minutes because it has to boil water until the steam from water occurs.

3. Ours have better heat efficiency than the boiler types. Heat efficiency means, under the same amount of energy input, ours can generate more steam than others.

4. Our steam pressure (for better cleaning) is stronger and steadier than that of the boiler types. The boiler types are likely to explode if to increase their steam pressure and the steam pressure is not able to steady.

5. As known to all, this kind of machines save a great amount of water as only 4 litres of water / 15 minutes can completely wash a car!


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