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High temperature steam cleaning machine washing machine Selection Guide

2017-03-02 10:38:19 admin

I met many of customers and inquiried for our steam cleanning machines.Some of them are very interested in this product but they do not know how to find the suitable machine for them,as it has too many models and types for choose.Now  let Cumond machinery engineer tell you how to do it.

First, if you are going to start your small business, convenience of electricity, we highly recommended that you to choose electric heating series

1. If your car is fixed wash in washing room, and the space was relatively small, it is recommended that you use the wall machine, because the same type of electric heating wall hang performance machines and electric trolley as cheap  wall confidential many;

2. If you need a very impressive looking machine to use up appearances, raise the price of services, then it is with the trolley because the machines are pure stainless steel trolley building, built water softener, looking at a grade!

3. If your car is parked in the washing room door casually, to push to the front of the washing machine, it is recommended that you electrically heated carts, dragging behind a power line can be moved a small range; of course, a customer will be two steam pipe string to form a 20-meter steam pipe, connected to the wall machine, this is also possible.

4. If your voltageis 220V, 380V in your local, it is recommended that you use the 380V, 380V because the current is small, the impact on the wires do not ask, and is not the peak of insufficient voltage! Of course, if you are a public power, then, from the viewpoint of the electricity use of 220V.

5. If your  wash in 50 cars or more a day, then you should consider using a 12KW double steam pipe single micro machine gun or two single micro water 6KW single steam machines, this dual steam pipe 12KW single micro gun the equivalent of two 6KW loom loom together, with the two machines is the same.

6, if you are in a cold area, mainly taking into account frozen mud washing, then you need to use 8KW models, or with two 8KW steam system together that is 16KW models.

7. If you are primarily used for cleaning industrial parts and the like, then you can consider a system model or two 6KW 8KW the gun to put together a model or a 12KW gas 6KW 8KW deflated a 14KW models Or put together two 8KW gas 16KW models.

8. Judging from the voltage, then, 8KW machine generally used for industrial cleaning, electricity only 380V; and then the 12KW and 12KW models above 220V is there, but must look at the use of electricity load space, is the power supply bureau to use electric load is adequate, but also the use of the site into the line if thick enough, can withstand the load from the power.

 Note: Cumond electrically heated steam engine model a lot, but divided into two main steam system and steam system 6KW 8KW, such 6KW steam system, divided into wall machines, trolleys, carts three water guns, the same 8KW It is also divided into three; of course, have a 6KW 8KW together a set of guns.

Second, if you are going to do community mobile car wash, car wash or door-to-door to do fumes from cleaning, household cleaning category, consider gas-heated steam washing machine, this is more complicated, as follows:

1. If you are going to be the machine on a van and other types of mobile vehicles, then only choose the size of a small gas engine from the point of view, was small, just put up. Of course, customers will themselves be equipped with a generator to drive electrically heated steam, but will find a generator to nearly 10,000 that way, it does not pay, and secondary energy conversion efficiency is very low.

2. If you intend to use in the underground garage communities that depend on the relationship between attitudes to property and with the property, residential property is generally underground garage for the use of mobile gas steam washing machine is non-interference; if the property is not allowed, then only at the entrance to the garage to use electric heating steam washing machine.

3. If you intend to use in the community of terrestrial mobile, you can choose a gas steam washing machine, no power, easy to move, as is a large gas engine or small gas engine, performance is the same, you can choose your own depending on the circumstances.

4. If you are going to the office or in the underground garage of the use of commercial plaza, different countries have different fire and property management regulations, generally the local fire and property management was very strict, basically only electric heating steam washing machine.

5. If you plan to do household cleaning, hood and the like to wash, it is recommended that you use a small gas engine, was small, easy to move; of course, someone wants to electric heating wall machine, that can be plugged in for use in the home, but to reach like this volume and pressure, at least electric 6KW and ordinary socket is barely 6KW models, have to lira from the meter Line.



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