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Applications to clean in Mining Sites and Environment

2017-05-24 14:19:41 admin

Ever wondering in how to complete cleaning process and increase hygiene levels in your offices or factory area at mining companies or sites in less time?It takes too much efforts to clean by hand, so why not look for commercial and industrial versatile cleaning machines that reduce cleaning time, effort, water and chemical consumption whilst producing quality cleaning results?

Cumond machinery have an exclusive range of commercial floor cleaning machine, steam cleaners and high filtration vacuums that are widely utilised in many production industries throughout worldiwde to improve cleaning effectiveness, efficiency and OH&S. 

Cumond equipment is commonly used in large warehouses, mining workshops, transport depots and mining production factories.

Warehouse and Factory Cleaning

Using CW-DEW2511 it is easy and less time consuming to sanitise the processing equipment to clean state.

Cumond Machinery

Mining Workshop Cleaning

Steam Pressure can be used as to clean and sanitise worskhop equipment and facility areas to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness for workshop participants.

Cumond Machinery

Grimes and Stains Removal

Steam Pressure blasts food residues off processing equipment and preparation areas with 150 bar high pressure water and then thermally sanitise using +180°C super heated 94% dry system.

Cumond Machinery

Machinery Restoration

Steam Pressure can be used to effectively and quickly decontaminate stubborn metal greases, wipe off the leftover residues or stuck tiny materials in a small tight spaces that are difficult to reach, as well as restore the quality and cleaniliness of the processing machines.

Cumond Machinery


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