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Attention point for plastic crusher machine

2017-06-05 12:25:28 admin

Cumond Machinery

No matter what kind of equipment in the operation of equipment, safety is the first, and when people in the use of this plastic crusher mechanical products is the case, only the correct operation of the machine, in order to effectively extend its life, reduce the problem of failure And the occurrence of accidents, then this plastic crusher have what operating procedures, the following we staff here to give you a detailed description of the first, before the operation, we must first on the equipment, power lines and grounding device In order to ensure the effect of processing, we also need to clean the equipment inside the equipment to clean, and the screws and other fixed objects locked.Second, the use of plastic crusher, we need to Note that in the discharge, be sure to keep the material evenly, not too much, so as not to cause congestion, thus damaging the motor.When the equipment during the operation, people must not be any part of the body into the machine, To avoid causing great harm to the person.In addition, in order to avoid affecting the efficiency of the plastic crusher, so during use, prohibit the other Items are placed on top of the equipment.


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