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Cumond Auxiliary Machine

Pre-sale services

1.Professional and technical consultation and communication.

2.Equipment selection and calculation.

3.Product application solutions recommendations.

4.Engineering solutions.

Maintenance service during warranty period

1.After the purchase of products, Cumond machinery provides timely installation guidance.

2.12 months guarantee for all products.

3.Within warranty, any problem caused by the defects of the machine itself, Cumond machinery will offer its service until the problem solved. 

4.If serious quality problems of products, customers have the right to request the replacement of new products during the warranty period.

Maintenance service outside warranty period

1.Lifetime track maintenance.

2.Provide equipment parts with the cost price.

3.Maintenance activity by cost only Spare parts, special reserves to support.

4.Customer informations are permanently archived, regular track and re-tracking services.

Cumond Cleaning Equipment

1.Warranty is one (1) year from the date of purchase by the original owner against defects in material and workmanship.

2.Warranty excludes coverage against electrical damages due to power surge, voltage drop or spike, 

power outage, irregular power and improper use of extension cords and/or a portable generator.

3.Warranty covers replacement parts only. Shipping cost is not included.

4.Warranty excludes coverage against malfunctions caused by water scale problem due to local water conditions.

5.Maintenance and manual instructions must have been carried out properly to be eligible for this warranty.

6.All claims shall be governed by our warranty terms. 


Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00